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Original Paintings Catalog

To inquire about purchasing Original Artwork by Oshean Blu Bey, please email us with the name of the painting you are interested in. Click or Hover the Artwork and the title with info will appear. Commissions are OPEN. Request a consultation for custom paintings & prints.


These paintings were inspired by Mirror Glaze Cakes. Even though I don't eat them, when I first saw them all I saw was Art. The simplicity of the cakes was mesmerizing. I was so excited to create my own versions of them. It's something about half being matte and the other side being shiny/wet-like. It's breathtaking to me.  I embellished these with rocks, foils, flowers, crystals, and more. Resin is poured to seal everything and keep a wet look which enhances and brings the depths of colors out. 


This series is about flowing in the stillness of the unknown, the undetermined, & the unplanned, embracing the discomfort of not knowing, letting go of control or the ordinary, and flowing with no rhyme or rhythm in order to create a rhythm that rhymes. The brush picks the colors. The canvas chooses where to put the colors. The brush tells me where to go. I’m just a vessel. I don't know what I am doing but I trust & flow. I’m doing it my way. I embrace doing it my way. 


The Body is the best canvas. The body is Art. These Ass-Print paintings are made by paint being poured on my Ass and then I sit on the canvas. If I could keep my ass painted all day I would. However, I'd much rather see my Ass in different colors and in different ways. I'll keep painting. 

Private and group paint sessions available. Visit "Body Paint & Parties" under Quick Links.


The Original Doodle. It's something about these Doodles... They constantly change, twist, and turn. Each revealing a new layer or new perspective with different angles. There is so much to see here and yet nothing at all... Life is a Trip.... It's all a trip. Embrace the Trip and you'll enjoy the journey.

In the meantime, check out my Instagram!

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