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About Blu


Peace! I’m Oshean Blu Bey. I am the owner of BluFire Artistry, BluFire Designs, JusBOrganics, JusVybez, Jusdatsimpl Podcast & JusB Naughty. I am just one of many dope beings here in Baltimore, MD; born & raised.


I am a Creative in many forms. From paintings to hand painted earrings & beads, clay jewelry, sculpting, texture art, resin art, wood working, graphic designs, organic skin care products, herbal medicine & remedies, vegan meals & recipes, hair styling, & much more. I also do healing, reiki, and spiritual guidance & interpreting.


For years, I have known I had a fire inside of me waiting for me to nurture it and let it out. I was on the journey to go full time in my hair & nail business back in 2014. Got caught up in the work industry. I quit my job as a Store Manager in May 2017 and that was the last time I’ve worked for anyone. I then went full fledge with my hair career working full time for myself. I have been licensed for 7 years, created a nice reputation for myself, and had a consistent book of clients. After sometime, the fun stopped. I wasn’t enjoying doing hair anymore. It was just work... I am all about working and enjoying what I do. Once I no longer enjoy it, I don’t want to do it anymore. Life isn’t just about working.


Art was calling to me. I always wanted to paint on canvas but was scared to. I thought I wasn’t going to be good enough. I would always sketch here and there, and I used to paint designs on nails when I was a nail tech. For some reason, I still was scared to really paint on canvas. Silly right?... So, I decided to go ahead and start painting. About 2 months after I did my first paintings, I got sick. I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease. The Disc in my cervical spine had deteriorated, herniated, and shifted. Due to this, it was putting pressure on my spinal cord causing pain, numbness, and weakness, through my entire body. It got worse pretty quickly. It started in my neck feeling as a kink in the neck would. Within 2 weeks, I couldn’t move my left arm. A month after that, I could barely walk. I couldn’t even lift up a small cup by myself. All I could do most days was just lay there in chronic pain. I didn’t know if I would ever be able to walk again or live a normal life again. It took months for the doctors to finally figure out what was wrong with me. After treatments and my body rejecting different medications, my last option for quality of life was surgery. During this time, painting was all I could do to relieve pain. The medicine didn’t help. When I painted I didn’t feel any pain. It was a safe space to channel and express whatever I was feeling or the messages coming to me. It was a form of meditation & therapy. I’ve been through a lot in my life but going through that experience taught me a lot.  Now, no matter what, I strive to do what I enjoy everyday. It truly affirmed in me that life & health is promised to no one. That I must always express what’s inside without care for someone’s opinion. As long as I expressed myself, I would be free.


Expressing through language wasn’t always the easiest thing for me. Human language doesn’t grasp the true depth of what things really are or mean. It seemed like people didn’t give me their full ear to listen, they didn’t understand, or I was called crazy for some of my ideas, thoughts, & perspectives. I mean hey, it’s a thin line between genius and crazy right?… Sometimes people get tripped up on words but when they can visually see it through art, it helps them understand in ways words couldn’t. My art is bringing people into my world. My art is what I see when I look into the world. My art is what I see when I see myself. My art is my visions & my dreams. My art is a way for the universe to communicate through me to myself and to others. I always tell people I am not the one painting. I am just the vessel... I surprise myself many times looking at what I’ve created. It blows my mind.


I now have my art & products in many states in the USA. I have done a few murals. My proudest accomplishment is going international. My art is now in Germany… I want to show people that we are all creatives in our own way. Most of the time we get in our own way because of fear but… freedom is on the other side of fear... Whether you’re a painter, a doctor, a musician, a healer, a poet, an engineer, a firefighter, & whatever…. You are an Artist. We just have different canvases. Your canvas is how you express yourself. You are an expression of the universe so express yourself with no boundaries & no limits. 


My creations are just getting started. I am excited for this journey. Stay tuned. Peace & love.


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